The Benefits of School-Based Health Centers

The health centers, which are specifically situated in schools, are developed to enable learners to access prompt services when the need arises. They also create awareness on health matters among learners, teachers, and parents. Here are some benefits of school-based health centers.

They are Convenient to Learners

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Most doctors offer services during school-going days, which can be inconvenient for kids. Having the centers in school means a sick child can just walk down the hall and be attended to without waiting for their parent to take him to a faraway establishment.

They Promote Learning

Students with chronic illnesses, such as asthma, spend most of their time in the hospital, and therefore they miss out a lot on studies. The school-based health centers come in handy to ensure such learners attend classes as much as possible since the doctor is just a stone’s throw away.

They Promote Wellness

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Studies have shown that learners who are hesitant to go to hospitals are more responsive to school-based health centers. This is because they interact with the health providers daily; hence they learn to trust them. Again, the health centers provide programs and explain government guidelines to learners in a way that they understand.

School-based health centers are essential components to a learner’s education and health. They should therefore be fully embraced for the benefit of the school community.