Health Services Provided in Schools

Learning institutions have a mandate to provide health services to learners. While education is necessary, the learner’s health is paramount as a sick child will not be able to learn. Here are the three primary health services provided in schools.

Comprehensive Health Care Education

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Relevant education in schools helps to promote the best health practices. To this effect, schools are tasked to provide health care education in collaboration with appropriate departments to enlighten learners on matters such as handwashing and sanitation, drug abuse, the importance of physical education, and responsible sexual behavior.

Primary Health Care

A school is a community that consists of learners, teachers, and non-teaching workers. Therefore, it means that any of them can become sick at any given time. This necessitates the need for medical attention. The school health care centers come in handy to provide the much-needed medical attention whenever required.

Vaccinations and Screenings

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Many health observers agree that schools are a focal point for vaccinations and screening services due to accessibility and high population. Health care providers partner with the government and schools to provide these preventive services to school-going children.