Four Good Sources of Free Educational Content

The advancement in technology has enabled the development of educational resources that are mostly online and are offered freely. This content provides learners with easy access to information, which they can use conveniently. Below are some excellent sources to explore.

Khan Academy

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This site offers exercises for learners to practice on, informative videos, and a customized dashboard that allows them to gain knowledge in their free time. It provides an in-depth understanding of a variety of subjects. What’s more, students find the site user-friendly.


The website has partnered with many universities worldwide to make available a range of topics and information into one database. This enables researchers and learners to access information conveniently from one search engine.


This website enables sharing of educational videos, just like YouTube. In fact, the site is based on YouTube. Here, students and teachers alike can share and access educational materials that also include audio, photos, and documents.


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The free educational site provides learning materials and offers certification for specific courses. It focuses on business, health, technology, and language courses. It is ideal for learners who desire a professional certificate after the course.

With a wide variety of free online educational sources, everybody can now enhance their skills in their topics of interest and expand their general knowledge.