Four Good Sources of Free Educational Content

The advancement in technology has enabled the development of educational resources that are mostly online and are offered freely. This content provides learners with easy access to information, which they can use conveniently. Below are some excellent sources to explore.

Khan Academy

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This site offers exercises for learners to practice on, informative videos, and a customized dashboard that allows them to gain knowledge in their free time. It provides an in-depth understanding of a variety of subjects. What’s more, students find the site user-friendly.


The website has partnered with many universities worldwide to make available a range of topics and information into one database. This enables researchers and learners to access information conveniently from one search engine.


This website enables sharing of educational videos, just like YouTube. In fact, the site is based on YouTube. Here, students and teachers alike can share and access educational materials that also include audio, photos, and documents.


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The free educational site provides learning materials and offers certification for specific courses. It focuses on business, health, technology, and language courses. It is ideal for learners who desire a professional certificate after the course.

With a wide variety of free online educational sources, everybody can now enhance their skills in their topics of interest and expand their general knowledge.

Importance of School Education in Child Development

The process of learning is crucial in defining a child’s personality and determining how they respond to different situations in life. The early years of a child are fundamental in shaping their future development. Here’s why education is essential in child development.


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A school is a place where children can interact with others of their age group. Before joining a school, kids only have interactions with close family members. Social interactions equip children with the skills* to better understand others, form friendships and learn to tolerate each other’s weaknesses. All these skills are essential in adult life.

Cognitive Development

Schools provide balanced learning, which enhances a child’s psychological and mental well-being. Children learn different school subjects, such as history, mathematics, and geography, among others. All these subjects help them gain knowledge in various fields, which is vital in widening their thinking process.

Physical Development

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Schools help children develop gross motor skills and fine motor skills, essential in strength building and balancing. They offer a range of physical activities such as ball games, which build a child’s upper core strength. The repetitive movement of a child learning how to throw a ball sharpens their balancing skills.

School is not only about academics; it is where children learn various skills that go a long way in ensuring they live a well-rounded life.

Health Services Provided in Schools

Learning institutions have a mandate to provide health services to learners. While education is necessary, the learner’s health is paramount as a sick child will not be able to learn. Here are the three primary health services provided in schools.

Comprehensive Health Care Education

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Relevant education in schools helps to promote the best health practices. To this effect, schools are tasked to provide health care education in collaboration with appropriate departments to enlighten learners on matters such as handwashing and sanitation, drug abuse, the importance of physical education, and responsible sexual behavior.

Primary Health Care

A school is a community that consists of learners, teachers, and non-teaching workers. Therefore, it means that any of them can become sick at any given time. This necessitates the need for medical attention. The school health care centers come in handy to provide the much-needed medical attention whenever required.

Vaccinations and Screenings

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Many health observers agree that schools are a focal point for vaccinations and screening services due to accessibility and high population. Health care providers partner with the government and schools to provide these preventive services to school-going children.

How to Make Education Fun and Engaging

Learning is expected to be an exciting experience for students, except that is not always the case. Teachers always strive to help students have the interest to learn new things. Here are tips to make classes more engaging and fun.

Link Your Lessons to Real Life Applications

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Students always wonder how the concept they’ve just learned is applicable in real life. Suppose the topic is about the life cycle of a caterpillar. In that case, you might want to bring in a real caterpillar in different stages of metamorphosis. Showing the reality is an important study skill, and learners will find it fun and engaging.

Give Learners a Brain Break

Nobody likes to sit still for several hours, not even the teachers. Research has recently shown that students who have a break in between their lessons are more productive. A teacher should assess their students’ moods and know when it is time for a power break.

Embrace Technology

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Gone are the days when learning was all about books. Technology has provided devices such as tablets and projectors, perfect for visual and remote education. To emphasize a point or topic, a teacher can deliver a lesson using a projector or use apps on tablets to draw the interest of learners.

Making education a fun and engaging experience can be challenging, but it is, without doubt, a rewarding experience.